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Orange Mountain Bikes - R8 S Spec Sheet

From the Archive

This is the 2010 model from our archive.

R8 S

There’s something alive about a good, light steel frame: it’s a feeling that you can’t explain to someone brought up on full sussers or jumpy hardtails.

Riding flat out, with your arse on fire, carving the corners, stamping on the big ring is the only way to appreciate our new R8. Like a lightweight racing car with a V8 on song, the R8 bristles with potential speed. It’s a speed that must be earned though. It won’t make you a great rider if you’re not a good rider to start with. It’ll flatter good lines and punish bad ones, but you’ll know when you’re riding just right, as the R8 moves with you – steering with the slightest tilt of the hips as you speeder-bike your way through the singletrack.

We couldn’t have made the R8 without Reynolds. At the heart of the frame is Reynolds’ strong, thin and light 853 tubing. It hardens with welding, making the joins even stronger than the tubes themselves. And it builds into a beautiful machine with the svelte lines of a true classic. There are riders out there who’ve never known the feel – that otherworldly connection with the trail – that a steel frame can give. Pity them. And then leave them in the dust...

Why the R8 S?

The modern CroMo steel chassis redefined. Reynolds 853 tubing sculpted into one v-fast MTB in a superb packed ready to hit the trails.

Want to go pro? The R8 Pro is the one. Want the roughest, toughest steel hardtail? P7 S is a good place to start.

Prices and Specifications are liable to change without notice.