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This is the 2013 model from our archive.

Alpine 160

Continuing the evolution, simply – the rationale that feeds into every product, don’t replace, refine. The Alpine 160 stems from the original Alpine Five, a prototype bike built with radical geometry to tame the steeps of proper mountains. After refinement we released the Alpine 160, a bike that took the best traits without the drawbacks, a big-mountain dream machine. For 2011 it gets a rework, subtleties which add up.

The burly monocoque down tube, Reynolds hydroformed top tube and 6061 seat tube combine to make a responsive front end. A larger seat tube diameter adds increased ‘dropper’ seat-post compatibility, with a tapered head tube providing front end options to best utilise fork advancements. The collective advantage is not just compatibility, but stiffness. Threading the new Alpine 160 through tight switchbacks or barging through a rock-field, geometry combines with engineering to create the ultimate mountain machine. This bike doesn’t deflect, so neither should your line choice – this bike begs to be ridden hard.

The lateral stiffness of the mainframe and maintenance-free pivot assembly promote surefooted confidence, but the Alpine is no slouch on the climbs. This bike will find traction where others fail and spin you to the top of technical climbs with ease. In the most literal sense of the term, the Alpine 160 is a mountain bike, built for anything.

Why the Alpine 160?

The Alpine 160 is a big-mountain dream machine, a serious bike for serious terrain. Ideal for an Alpine holiday or an all-day epic in the Lake District, it goes anywhere you dare. Want something a little smaller travel? The Five is the obvious choice. Have a look at the Patriot if you need a bike tuned more to descending.

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