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Orange Mountain Bikes - Elite Frame Spec Sheet

From the Archive

This is the 2011 model from our archive.

Elite Frame

The Elite is a rocket ship, a race oriented hardtail that’s happy on the trails or the track. Pushing the limit of what’s possible with aluminium, it’s been popular as a frame only option, with riders frequently requesting an accompanying fork and headset.

In the spirit of providing a service, we’ve put together this package to help riders start their build. The lightweight aluminium frame, twinned with a buttery smooth tapered Fox 32 F-RL forms a race ready chassis. The Hope headset keeps the front end smooth and maintenance free, and the Stalk stem takes responsibility for steering. The best part? Buying the complete package brings over £300 in savings, Bargain.

We start the build, you can finish it…

Why the Elite?

The Elite is the ultimate aluminium race bike, designed to be light and agile, but confidence inspiring on the more technical terrain. A bike stiff enough for short-course XC but comfy enough for a 10-hour enduro. Pull out the lycra, it’s going to be a fast ride…

The frame option lets you build exactly the bike you want with your own select components.

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Prices and Specifications are liable to change without notice.