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Orange Mountain Bikes - Carb-O Spec Sheet

From the Archive

This is the 2013 model from our archive.


Speed is our specialty – we create the fastest bikes we can. The Carb-O is our mission to take it to the black stuff, a freshly squeezed take on the road scene.

A calculated swerve between sportive and race distinctions, a high modulus carbon frame for how we want to ride. The front triangle creates a precise balance between weight and feel, a custom unidirectional monocoque frame that optimises performance between stiffness and compliance; the balance of power and comfort in a package light enough to race. Flowing through the monostays to a lugged rear, we add strength and stability to keep you firmly planted in the quickest of turns and ensure longstanding reliability. Technology shared with the very best, customised for our perfect ride.

Racing, training, the local chain gang or an all day mission in the hills, the Carb-O provides the perfect midpoint in the category standoff. The smoothest Orange; our dream come to life.

Why the Carb-O?

The Carb-O is a race ready introduction to the world of road. Quick enough to line up against the best, but with the stability and compliance for a full day in the saddle. A carbon framed masterpiece that will get you there…fast!

Prices and Specifications are liable to change without notice.