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Orange Mountain Bikes - Clockwork Spec Sheet

From the Archive

This is the 2014 model from our archive.

A 29er built the Orange way. Whether you’re looking for a commuter bike for the long way home or a bike for demolishing singletrack at speed the Clockwork is designed to take whatever you throw at it and keep you coming back for more. We’ve made the frame light on weight but heavy on features. With a 1.5inch headtube, routing for a dropper post and geometry designed to extract the most smiles out of your trail-time the Clockwork is what we do best, making bikes that make you want to ride. Big wheels, big fun, that’s the Clockwork.

Our iconic and legendary Orange Clockwork model makes a comeback in a brand new reincarnation that  takes the original blueprint of a fast, versatile, multi purpose hardtail and plants it firmly into the 21st Century.

Light weight aluminium alloy replaces cro mo frame tubing, 29er wheels provide the speed and long distance comfort. Our years of experience tweaking frame geometry and tubing profiles give a ride that’s balanced, confidence inspiring and really lets the rider, be they beginner or expert, be at one with the trail.

The Clockwork is the perfect introduction to the Orange line-up. A good-looking, well-specced hardtail that begs to be ridden fast but is more than happy cruising if that takes your fancy. The frame is ready for any future upgrades you might have in store for it.

Why the Clockwork?

The question with the Clockwork is, why not? Whether it’s as an inspiring introduction to mountain biking or as a second, or even third bike for the enthusiast, the Clockwork is all that’s great about Orange. A Shimano drivetrain with 100mm RockShox XC30 forks offer comfort and durability to keep you riding for longer.

Looking for a higher spec? You’ll be after the Clockwork S.

Prices and Specifications are liable to change without notice.