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Five Diva Pro

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Not just like a Five. A Five.

No confusion, no messing about, the Five Diva is the Five but in a more female friendly form. It benefits from the same obsessive attention to detail, the same rigorous testing and the same manufacturing techniques so we, and more importantly you, know that it’s worthy of the Five name.

For 2014 the Five Diva enjoys the same changes as the Five and now comes with 27.5inch wheels, a 1.5inch headtube, 142mm rear dropout, our 28mm bearing system and a lighter shock mount. Everything that’s good about the Five is good about the women’s specific version.

Diva geometry positions the rider’s centre of gravity to balance the suspension and make the most of our custom tuned Fox RP23 shock. Air forks keep weight down and aid manoeuvrability with other female specific spec highlights making the Five Diva comfortable and intuitive to ride. No flowery graphics and no gimmicks, the Five Diva is the trail bike for the way you ride. Women’s bikes don’t have to be girly.

Why the Five Diva Pro?

The optimum blend of price, specification and performance make the Five Diva Pro the perfect choice for the trail-hardened rider.

Prices and Specifications are liable to change without notice.