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This is the 2012 model from our archive.

Five Black Gold

The Five has established itself as the UK’s best trail bike, a masterpiece of evolution and subtle refinement. Low-slung, fast handling and efficient, its versatility makes it the perfect all-rounder. Designed to complement the most up-to-date component advancements, everything works together to build the ultimate modern classic. So what’s the Five Black Gold? Everything you’ll ever need…

The Black Gold is our new Limited Edition build model, designed to cover the essentials straight out of the box. Factory level suspension offers the very best in performance, the Kashima coated RP23 and FIT RLC topping the Fox range. The stiff front end is matched to a Maxle swingarm, stepping up the stiffness and adding to its hard-riding credentials - the ultimate chassis. Avid brakes, RaceFace cranks and a 10-speed transmission keeps everything pro. We’ve been asked for it, we’ve come up with the goods.

Offered in one colour and looking resplendent in Jet Black, the 100 bikes keep it simple for maximum value for money. A RockShox Reverb as the only additional option, the Five Black Gold is our interpretation of the perfect build. Want something different or more choice? Head back to the Pro, this one’s all about ‘the package’…

Why the Five Pro?

The Five Black Gold is our interpretation of the optimum performance build. A Maxle rear as standard, plus the very best in suspension options, all the essentials covered straight out of the box. No options, maximum value.

Want to spec it up with some choice upgrades? Go back to the Five Pro and our custom options calculator.

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