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Ex-Demos, Closeouts and Refurbished models

We would always recommend you buy your bike from an authorized Orange dealer. Their advice and support is invaluable before and after purchase. But if you know what you want and it crops up below, read the terms and conditions and give us a call.

We run a pretty extensive demo fleet and at turnaround time they appear for sale here. Magazine or staff bikes also crop up from time to time. Take a look at the description and read the terms at the bottom of the page for the full low down.

Where these bikes have been used we have given a guide to their condition: 5 is almost new, 1 is a bike which has been well travelled.

Factory Ex-demo Terms

Ex-demo and magazine test bikes

Ex-demo bikes have generally been in service around 12 months attending shop demos and the occasional show. Throughout this period they are transported with care and regularly serviced by our qualified technicians. Before the bikes are put on the website their condition is assessed and any new parts fitted or the frame repainted if particularly worn. A brief guide to their condition is provided with 5 being almost new, and 1 being quite well travelled. 

Warranty on second hand bikes covers the remainder of each frames original cover. So a one year old Clockwork has the remaining four years warranty protection on the frame. Parts fitted have a 28 day guarantee to ensure nothing is amiss after the first few rides.

Closeout Models

Closeout models are generally last year’s bikes or old frames built up with any new parts we can spare. Warranty returns or frames with a slight flaw may also be added, any issues are generally cosmetic with details added in the description.

Closeout models are new and unused so supplied with the full manufacturer’s warranty. 

Refurbished Models

Refurbished bikes are bikes that may have been used for a display, show or photoshoot. These bikes might exhibit minor cosmetic imperfections, such as scuffing, slight scratches or very light wear to the drivetrain. All our refurbished bikes receive a thorough examination from our factory workshop technicians before being sold, as such they come with a full frame warranty and 12 month warranty on parts.

These offers are available to UK customers only.

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