All Mountain/Enduro

Designed to make the most of the downhills but be no slouch on the climbs either, these bikes are for those who believe in earning their turns, as well as their drops, jumps and everything in-between. Strong but light frames and components mean these are bikes for those who want to crank up and hammer down anything in their way. Designed with a competitive edge, the perfect choice for Enduro battles.

The 170mm front/160mm rear, 27.5 wheeled Alpine 6 replaces the much loved Alpine 160 in our range. This new 2017 frame is re-engineered and revamped in every aspect of the alpine bike's performance. Literally a game changer.

Alpine 6 XTR 2021

Alpine 6 XTR  (27.5)

Alpine 6 Factory 2021

Alpine 6 Factory  (27.5)

Alpine 6 RS 2021

Alpine 6 RS  (27.5)

Alpine 6 Pro 2021

Alpine 6 Pro  (27.5)

Alpine 6 S 2021

Alpine 6 S  (27.5)

The new Switch 6 take our legendary ride geometry into the realm of the 'Mullet' or 'MX'. Call this category what you like, there is now doubt that mixed sized wheel set brings a new dynamic to fast rolling and agile trail and race bikes.

Switch 6 XTR 2021

Switch 6 XTR  (29/27.5)

Switch 6 Factory 2021

Switch 6 Factory  (29/27.5)

Switch 6 RS 2021

Switch 6 RS  (29/27.5)

Switch 6 Pro 2021

Switch 6 Pro  (29/27.5)