Hardcore Hardtails

The Orange hardcore hardails are massively capable. With a couple of geometry tweaks for 2020, these acclaimed bikes remain the benchmark in their arena. Go big or go home. 

10 out of 10 from the guys at MBR magazine, we think with good reason. The Crush is a trail beast. The ultimate aluminium hardtail? Ride one and see.

Crush comp  2021

Crush comp  (27.5)

Crush R  2020

Crush R  (27.5)

Crush Pro  2020

Crush Pro  (27.5)

Crush comp  2020

Crush comp  (27.5)

If the latest Crush isn't nuts enough in the hardcore hardtail stakes then this one's for you – the Crush 29 has landed, fast and hard.

Crush 29 comp  2021

Crush 29 comp  (29)

Crush 29 R  2020

Crush 29 R  (29)

Crush 29 Pro  2020

Crush 29 Pro  (29)

Crush 29 comp  2020

Crush 29 comp  (29)

Refreshed and radder than ever. The Orange P7 is a steel hardtail that delivers the goods. Goes from a quiet roll to a barnstorming riot in a flash.

P7 R  2020

P7 R  (27.5)

P7 S  2020

P7 S  (27.5)