Hardtail Trail Bikes

The Orange  trailhardtails have a wealth of exprience behind them. The Clockwork has been around for over 25 years, conceived as a great all-rounder and that still holds true with either 27.5 or 29er wheeled options. For 2017 we're introducing the new Zest. Its a 26 inch wheeled smaller frame format and is a true Orange in every sense; fun to its core.

The Clockwork name has long been a part of the Orange stable. This 29er version is the fast-rolling and and reliable trail companion from the lowlands to the highlands.

Clockwork 100 S 2017

Clockwork 100 S

Clockwork 100 2017

Clockwork 100

The 27.5 wheeled version of the iconic Clockwork. Running a 120 mm travel fork this clockwork is a stalwart all-rounder.

Clockwork 120 S 2017

Clockwork 120 S

Clockwork 120 2017

Clockwork 120

The Clockwork Evo bridges the gap between the Clockwork 120 and the Crush. Tough on rough stuff, fast through the trails.

Clockwork Evo RS 2017

Clockwork Evo RS

Clockwork Evo Pro 2017

Clockwork Evo Pro

The 2018 Clockwork 109 is the new 29er version of the classic trail hardtail.

Clockwork 109 2018

Clockwork 109 NEW

Possibly 'the' classic trail hardtail. Has everything you nee.

Clockwork 127 2018

Clockwork 127 NEW

The new Clockwork 129 pushes the 29er hardtail into the realms of the hardcore arena. Running a 120mm travel fork this one's for the fast and loose big wheel fans out there.

Clockwork 129 S 2018

Clockwork 129 S NEW

The new Clockwork 137 sits between the Clockwork 127 and the Crush, firmly hitting a sweet spot for serious minded riders.

Clockwork 137 S 2018

Clockwork 137 S NEW

26 ain't dead. The new 2017 Zest brings the ride and feel of an Orange Bike back to the traditional 26 inch wheeled arena. Perfect if your just starting out, or an experienced rider that needs need a smaller frame fit.

Zest 2018

Zest NEW