Suspension Trail Bikes

Whether you prefer the outright speed of the  29er Stage models, the lightweight agility of the new short-travel 27.5 Four, or the full-on bigger trail capability of the 27.5 Five, these are the bikes that do everything. Long days in the saddle or a short downhill blast these bikes can take anything in their stride and leave you satisfied.

The 140 travel Five gets a major revamp for 2017. More active, more lightweight, more fun.

Five Formula 2018

Five Formula  (27.5)

Five Factory 2018

Five Factory  (27.5)

Five RS 2018

Five RS  (27.5)

Five Pro 2018

Five Pro  (27.5)

Five S 2018

Five S  (27.5)

The trail bike everyone needs. While it might be running shorter travel than the Five, at 120mm, it goes long on capability.

Four Factory 2018

Four Factory  (27.5)

Four RS 2018

Four RS  (27.5)

Four Pro 2018

Four Pro  (27.5)

Four S 2018

Four S  (27.5)