THE Orange Bikes RANGE

All Mountain/Enduro

Designed to make the most of the downhills but be no slouch on the climbs either, these bikes are for those who believe in earning their turns, as well as their drops, jumps and everything in-between. Strong but light frames and components mean these are bikes for those who want to crank up and hammer down anything in their way. Designed with a competitive edge, the perfect choice for Enduro battles.

The 170mm front/160mm rear, 27.5 wheeled Alpine 6 replaces the much loved Alpine 160 in our range. This new 2017 frame is re-engineered and revamped in every aspect of the alpine bike's performance. Literally a game changer.

Alpine 6 XTR 2021

Alpine 6 XTR NEW

Alpine 6 Factory 2021

Alpine 6 Factory NEW

Alpine 6 RS 2021

Alpine 6 RS NEW

Alpine 6 Pro 2021

Alpine 6 Pro NEW

Alpine 6 S 2021

Alpine 6 S NEW

The new Switch 6 take our legendary ride geometry into the realm of the 'Mullet' or 'MX'. Call this category what you like, there is now doubt that mixed sized wheel set brings a new dynamic to fast rolling and agile trail and race bikes.

Switch 6 XTR 2021

Switch 6 XTR NEW

Switch 6 Factory 2021

Switch 6 Factory NEW

Switch 6 RS 2021

Switch 6 RS NEW

Switch 6 Pro 2021

Switch 6 Pro NEW

Electric Powered Orange

E-bike development is nothing short of revolutionary. It's been coming for a while, everyone's talked about it, but now that revolution is here, and here to stay; e-power is now an option.

The Orange E.P.O program is designed to bring the best in drive assisted MTBs to the trails. Powerful, purposeful and ready to go. Welcome the the new world.


We've been building downhill bikes since the concept began. The 327 and 329 are the latest models in our long line our performance DH chassis. Tuned, refined and faster than ever.  

Suspension Trail Bikes

Whether you prefer the outright speed of the 29er Stage models or the agility 27.5 trail burners, these are the bikes that do everything. Long days in the saddle or a short downhill blast these bikes can take anything in their stride and leave you satisfied.

The Five Evo the short-travel trail bike that doesn't know it's short-travel.

Five Evo XTR 2021

Five Evo XTR NEW

Five Evo Factory 2021

Five Evo Factory NEW

Five Evo RS 2021

Five Evo RS NEW

Five Evo Pro 2021

Five Evo Pro NEW

Five Evo S 2021

Five Evo S NEW

The Stage Evo is the 29er Evo geoemtry trail bike, rapid, lightweight and ready for anything. Evo geometry brings big travel feel to the short travel platform,

Stage Evo XTR 2021

Stage Evo XTR NEW

Stage Evo Factory 2021

Stage Evo Factory NEW

Stage Evo RS 2021

Stage Evo RS NEW

Stage Evo Pro 2021

Stage Evo Pro NEW

Hardtail Trail Bikes

The Orange trail hardtails have a wealth of experience behind them. The Clockwork has been around for over 25 years, conceived as a great all-rounder and that still holds true with either 27.5 or 29er wheeled options. We also have the Zest. It's a 26 inch wheeled smaller frame format and is a true Orange in every sense; fun to its core.

Whether just starting out or updating a life long passion of hardtail riding. Clockworks are the essence of the Orange hardtail philosophy. Fast, fun and capable.

Clockwork (11sp) 2021

Clockwork (11sp) NEW

The Clockwork EVO is the 27.5 wheeled performance hardtail that bridges the gap between the Clockwork and the Crush. Tough on rough stuff, fast through the trails.

Clockwork Evo R 2021

Clockwork Evo R NEW

Clockwork Evo S 2021

Clockwork Evo S NEW

Clockwork Evo comp 2021

Clockwork Evo comp NEW

The Clockwork EVO 29 like it's smaller wheeled stable mate wears its performance to the fore. The fast rolling bigger wheels combined with it's modern geometry and fast handling chassis make this the modern hardtail to beat.

Clockwork Evo 29 R 2021

Clockwork Evo 29 R NEW

Clockwork Evo 29 S 2021

Clockwork Evo 29 S NEW

Available from: March 12, 2021

Clockwork Evo 29 comp 2021

Clockwork Evo 29 comp NEW

Hardcore Hardtails

The Orange hardcore hardails are massively capable. With a couple of geometry tweaks for 2020, these acclaimed bikes remain the benchmark in their arena. Go big or go home. 

10 out of 10 from the guys at MBR magazine, we think with good reason. The Crush is a trail beast. The ultimate aluminium hardtail? Ride one and see.

Crush R 2021

Crush R NEW

Crush Pro 2021

Crush Pro NEW

Crush 2021

Crush NEW

Crush comp 2021

Crush comp NEW

If the latest Crush isn't nuts enough in the hardcore hardtail stakes then this one's for you – the Crush 29 has landed, fast and hard.

Crush 29 R 2021

Crush 29 R NEW

Crush 29 Pro 2021

Crush 29 Pro NEW

Crush 29 comp 2021

Crush 29 comp NEW

The Orange Crush MX. It's pretty difficult not to be a fan of the mixed wheel set up, you get better traction up front from the larger wheel, coupled with better roll over and more stability. This is paired with a rear wheel which accelerates quickly, is more robust, more agile and offers incredible cornering traits, it's a match made in heaven.

Crush MX R 2021

Crush MX R NEW

Crush MX Pro Ltd 2021

Crush MX Pro Ltd NEW

Crush MX Pro 2021

Crush MX Pro NEW

Available from: April 05, 2021

Refreshed and radder than ever. The Orange P7 is a steel hardtail that delivers the goods. Goes from a quiet roll to a barnstorming riot in a flash.

P7 R 2021


P7 S 2021



The RX9 is a 'gravel' bike with a subtle twist of Orange. Fast. Slack. And, lot's of fun, both on and off road. The Speedwork is your suburban commuter during the week doubling as a capable flat-bar graveller at the weekend.

Adventure Cross bike with chunky 650b wheelset. Bring some bounce to your drop bar gravel action.

X9 Pro 2021

X9 Pro NEW


The new R9 models are a leap into the future of ultra-light carbon endurance road machines. 

Orange Junior

You never forget your first bike, so when it comes to getting kids on two wheels we want to build them the best bikes possible - bikes that will kickstart a lifelong love of riding.

Designed with the same attention to detail as the rest of our bikes no corners have been cut or compromises made to deliver all the performance you expect from an Orange, just in a smaller package.

A balance bike is the way to start your life behind bars and the Orange Peeler is designed with some great features to make it the perfect bike to get your young ones zooming about fearlessly.

Peeler 2021

Peeler NEW

Available from: December 11, 2020

26 ain't dead. The Zest brings the ride and feel of an Orange Bike back to the traditional 26 inch wheeled arena. Perfect if you're just starting out, or an experienced rider that needs a smaller frame fit.

Zest 2021

Zest NEW

Available from: January 15, 2021