10 More in Moray (and the battle of the titans)

August 23 2010

The Benromach Ten More in Moray is a ten hour endurance race where entrants can either go it alone or enter in doubles and trios. Our resident bike fanatics couldn't make this event, but the personal race that took place in our sted was much more eagerly anticipated. Ben Cathro (big deal MTBcut megastar), teamed up with James Shirley of Highline racing and Chris Hutchens of Transcend Orange to take on the best of the male trios. Their Orange steeded rivals were brother-sister combo Hannah and Joe Barnes, with Liam Moynihan finishing off the trio. Ben was keen to show off his guns in his custom Orange racing vest top and lycra combo, looking good. But less of the fashion, to the racing...

The first mini-competition was that of fastest lap, boy Barnes took this event seriously and despite his neon pink EVO8 looking like a girls bike, took the win from a race ready James Shirley - Joe was keen to point out the winning margin was a clear minute, looks like these downhill boys can pedal. [EDIT: Ben Cathro has written in with a complaint - apparently he had the second quickest time - what happened James?]

In the overall both teams were close all day, but a bad crash put Joe back slightly, having to walk while he regained composure after a serious smash. By the end, ' Team Factory Pro Orange Big Deal World Team' managed to get 15 minutes on 'The Dudes of Hazard'. It would have been an even closer call without Joe's crash. So what of the overall? Well, looks like 'TFPOBDWT' (I can't be bothered writing the full team name anymore) got the overall:

Ben Cathro, Chris Hutchens and James Shirley, Ten More in Moray

'The Dudes' won the mixed trio and came third overall.

Joe Barnes, Hannah Barnes, Liam Moynihan, Ten More in Moray

Watch the video below, MTBcut have done another amazing job of showing the vibe at the No Fuss events, much fun had by all...

Oh, and if you're wondering what bike Hannah is hammering around on, keep your eyes peeled for the 2011 Elite.

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