2016 - Better out of the box

July 13 2015

Our 2016 range is now up on our website. With 2016 specced Halifax built bikes available immediately

What's better out of the box?

One of the things we are renowned for at Orange Bikes is our custom options. When you buy an Orange bike there's plenty of choice with colours and component specification. We're still giving you these choices, but for 2016 we think we've got a great line up of bikes at every level that will be great straight out of the box, with very little need for major component upgrades.

The new entry level on suspension models is 'Pro' spec, followed by the popular competition-oriented 'RS'  and now topped out with our new 'Factory' component specification. The Factory models are the bikes we would build if money were no object. Bar a couple of crossed 't's and dotted 'i's with custom colour choices these bikes are the dream ticket in the Orange Bikes universe.

See the full range here

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