Round four of the SDAe

August 16 2010

Ae forest is a well known, well used track on the UK race circuit, fast, with showboating jumps and entertaining off-camber corners. For once, the weather was on the side of the racers with dust making the track slippy rather than the mud. At the top of the track it was the usual affair, then it hooked right as you hit the trees and crossed the stream to a new section before the hip jump. A few extra corners before the off-camber section takes you to the infamous step down, then a steady cruise down the push-up and over the finish line. Most of the old, with a few new bits to spice the track up and keep it fresh for the regulars. Fergus Lamb took the podium in Elites closely followed by Adam Brayton. MTBcut rider Joe Barnes took third place with a time of 2.05.4 on his neon pink 224.

Joe Barnes Orange 224 Ae SDA

Cathro wasn't far behind as fourth place elite. He might have made a few mistakes during his run, but his line choices made up any deficit, Ian's photo below gives a hint of his flair, but check out the video at the bottom for the full straight-lining action.

Ben Cathro Ae SDA

The Orange Elite camp is rounded off with Transcend rider Chris Hutchens, Hutch came in one place behind Cathro taking his neon green proto to fifth overall.

Chris Hutchens Orange Ae SDA

James Shirley finished off the neon themed top finishes with third in seniors on his neon orange 224. James is getting quicker and quicker these days, and with a few enduro races left to do, you'll be reading more about him in the coming weeks.

James Shirley Orange 224 Ae SDA

Juniors is proving something of a scrum this year, at Ae Mark Scott of All Terrain cycles took top honours, closely followed by MTBcut rider Greg Williamson.

Greg Williamson MTBcut Orange Ae Forest

Allan Findlay is also going well this season, fourth at Ae, and with selection for the GB team at Windham, he's set for a fantastic finish to his season.

Allan Findlay Ae SDA Orange 224

In the Youth, I-cycles riders Stuart and Ross Wilcox took fifth and sixth on their 224s, and Mark Wilcox took fourth in Masters.

Mark Wilcox Orange 224 Ae SDA

Honourable mention goes to our very own Vaughan Evans, taking 11th in Masters with his own inimitable style continues a gradual climb up the ranks. Next year top ten at every event, if you don't we're having our bike back...

Vaughan Evans Orange Bikes Ae SDA

The pocket rocket from Dumfries and Galloway was also in attendance, 8th place in Juvenile on his Five puts Adam Hughes up there despite his whipper snapper status. Keep up the good work.

Adam Hughes Orange Five Ae SDA

As ever, thank you to anyone attending on their Orange, check our Facebook page for all Michael's photos and if you were on an Orange, you're sure to be there. 'Big up' to Ian Linton for the photos above, check his website here if you want any copies for the mantlepiece. And just to round everything up, watch the Stuz Leel edit below, happy viewing...

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