What happened to Cathro? The update…

July 05 2010

Straight from Hightower’s mouth;

“The IXS cup at Leogang was the second IXS cup of the year for myself. Having won the previous round I was looking forward to another good result. The track was wild and the weather was mega hot making for some ace conditions. Practice on Friday went really well and I was feeling good.

Things weren't so good on Saturday. First Practice run down I was cruising along a flat narrow section of track when my front wheel slipped off the side of the track. It caught grip and in the blink of an eye I got high sided of my bike and landed awkwardly on my shoulder. I knew instantly I had damaged my shoulder so hopped in the ambulance and went straight to hospital. The result is I've dislocated and fractured my collarbone which sucks more than a dyson.

The upside is that Scottish Cycling coach Chris Ball sorted out some laser treatment and I should be back on the bike in no time. Just going to keep up the training so I'll be even stronger when I come back”

Secret training shots have already been snapped with a prototype MTBcut skinsuit first look.

Ben Cathro sporting the new MTBcut look.

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