The pressure refuses to relent…

September 21 2010

Three weeks on from our initial update on Five lead times, and pressure refuses to relent. In the previous release we mentioned component availability, and although issues still exist in this department, it’s us holding up proceedings. As soon as we make headway in frame manufacture, another tidal wave of orders swells beneath us. It’s a fun ride, but a challenging one at this time of year.

Orange Mountain Bikes BB CNC

The Five is getting fantastic press at the moment, and as momentum builds we’re finding it difficult while models are switching over to new designs. The 2011 Alpine 160 and ST4 have taken some of our attention as jigs and processes have been changed to produce the new models. This has stretched our production capabilities, and with new procedures to ensure quality on everything we produce, we’re not rushing to throw bikes out of the door.

Orange Mountain Bikes frame welding

The Five has earned its reputation as the UK’s best trail bike, an accolade we’re delighted to receive. It produces the best ride characteristics to create something truly confidence inspiring, but easy to pedal. A bike designed with simplicity in mind, but incorporating all the features you need in a package designed around the trails we ride.

Geometry is paramount to the success of the Five, but holding it all together is quality. We make all our full suspension bikes in the UK to ensure we meet the standards we want in a trail bike, after all it’s us throwing them down the mountainside too. We need every bike to go out of this factory with the attention and care we’d want putting into our own pride and joy. It’s a labour of love that takes time, and we are more efficient than ever before, but we’re not prepared to rush where it might compromise quality.

Orange Mountain Bikes Facing and Reaming

The purpose of this message? To apologise to all those who are still waiting on bikes or frames which have been on order for three or more weeks. We are aware of you all, and we are working our way through orders chronologically and fairly. Lead times have increased from three to five weeks, and while we’re working to reduce this, we aren’t anticipating any letup in demand. As usual, there may be options to reduce lead times if a customer is particularly flexible, but with frames being the issue rather than components, many will just have to seek solace knowing it takes time to build perfection. It’s a boutique masterpiece where made in the UK means made in the UK, we can’t speed up our robots, they don’t respond well to being prodded…

Rowan and Danny Macaskill riding Orange Fives down Nan Bield

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