Staff Riding Shenanigans

July 05 2010

Every so often it's time to put the disco slippers to one side and dust off the full face helmet. James the demo bike man was keen to make himself a little more work ragging around on an Alpine 160, Jono pulled out a 224-evo for his reintroduction to the world of DH, and I took advantage of a prototype 225 carelessly left lying around in the warehouse. An early morning start saw us head over to Huddersfield for a play on the local DH track. Smooth, fast and pedally, it's perhaps not ideal territory for a full on DH bike, but it's so much fun riding hard into the rocks rather than finessing your trail bike through the gaps. While Jono and I had fun carving around the loose turns and hitting the jumps, James went for all manner of dodgy overtaking manoeuvres - mainly unsuccessful, always amusing.

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