Issue 13, lucky for some…

October 25 2010

The new issue of Wideopen has been a long time coming with editors Jamie, James and Jim spending way too much time riding and not enough clicking and typing. This issue, as ever, has been well worth the wait...

The guys at Wideopen do an awesome job of providing good quality content that's free and available online for all to read. We always like to give them a shout-out, as well as being top guys, they aways give Orange a fair amount of loving.

Rowan Sorrell Orange Five

The contents page has a good shot with Rowan pumping and jumping his way around Cragg Quarry, a trail he built with his Back-on-Track crew, including the inimitable Ed Oxley following close behind. If you're over our way, then we thoroughly recomend a trip over to Lee and Cragg Quarry, some good XC singletrack and a fair amount of skills tomfoolery to play on. Read the story in Wideopen for more info on the trails.

Wideopen Alpine 160

Jim Smith has been loving his Alpine and updating his thoughts as the build constantly morphs. If you want to read what he has to say, have a check through the back issues to see how the relationship develops.

Orange MIII Dave Wideopen

The MIII has been a return to the dirt jump and 4X market for us, carrying on where the MsIsle left off all those years ago. Dave at Wideopen has been racing it for most of the season and reviewing it for the magazine, so far so good...

So get yourself a coffee and have a sit-down with your laptop.

Issue 13 is a stonking read.

Wideopen Magazine

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