Adam Hughes Reports from Borderline Events UK DH Round 1

February 26 2013

Here's Adam's take on the Borderline Events UK DH opener:

My Dad and I arrived early Saturday morning, eager to get practice under way. The track was fast, tight through trees and many lines had been taped in. The early morning frost coated the track and within a few riders, the surface soon became hard and glossy, making conditions very slippy. The ice soon thawed out as the day progressed and the sun rose. Darkness soon drew closer and practiced closed, people packed up and retreated back to their accommodation for the night, ready to race the next day.

Adam keeping it rubber-side down despite the icy conditions. Photo courtesy of Carrick McLelland.

Sunday morning brought along slightly darker skies accompanied with a light fall of snow. The track was just as icy but seemed to be riding faster, which would make for some interesting racing. My first race run came round and I was looking to just put a time in. I got to the bottom of the hill with a smooth run, slightly slower than I had hoped, but I knew I could be faster. I was sitting in 6th position after this run.

I soon found myself at the top of the hill again awaiting the countdown of beeps that would start off my second race run. The snow was now getting quite heavy and nerves ran high as people were unsure of the conditions further down the track. I set off down the track, feeling a lot faster than my previous run. Everything was going to plan until after the first road, where I fell off due to some nasty roots lying diagonally across a corner. Nonetheless, I got back up and rode to the bottom as fast as I could, determined to go faster. However, this was not possible as I lost a good ten seconds due to my crash. Failing to better my time, I soon got pushed back to a disappointing ninth place.

Dropping in to the bombhole with only 30 seconds to go. Photo courtesy of Carrick McLelland.

All in all, the weekend was a great start to the season. The fun, fast track, dry weather and general enjoyment of racing has got me stoked for the rest of the season. Hopefully, if things go right, my results will improve throughout and I will hopefully be seeing some results within the top 5. 

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