Adam Hughes Rounds off the Season with a Top 10 Finish

September 19 2012

Young Adam Hughes is one of our up and coming riders from the Bonny Land of Scotland. He's upgraded to a Patriot recently and has made his mark on the Youth category with a super consistent performance through the year. Here's how he got on at the final round of the Scottish Downhill Association race:

Adam Hughes writes:

Going into Ae I was excited and looking forward to it. It's the closest downhill track to me and I had there previously. The fast open top section and tight woods down at the bottom of the course provided a mixture of challenges for riders. The forecast was to be dry for the weekend and it was going to be a good one.

         I arrived at the track nice and early on Saturday and managed to get on the first uplift. All was going well until I managed to jam my chain between my chain guide and frame resulting in my having to ride to the bottom slowly. After a quick fix, I headed back up the hill for another run. Then, at near enough the same point, my chain comes off at the chain guide again. I rode to the bottom and played about with the chain guide positioning and this seemed to do the job. Then , on my fourth run, another problem. I managed to fall and snap my front disk rotor. Luckily, I was able to scrounge one off my friend. Sorted.  I then managed another couple of practice runs that went well. I got my bike washed and looking shiny and new, then headed home for some rest for Sunday, race day.

Adam turning on the style on one of the last straights on the Ae Forest course. Photo courtesy of Keith Valentine @ 

          I arrived at the track early morning Sunday as the sun was breaking through the clouds. Sunday morning practice revealed how much the track had changed. Ruts and roots were predominant. The wind at the exposed top section was picking up and it made keeping up speed difficult. It was soon time for my first race run. My aim was to keep it smooth and put a time down. It all went reasonably well minus a small fall in the tight woods. After a bit of spectating, relaxing and  refuelling it was time for my second race run. Unfortunately, half way down my run, I got red flagged. A bit of a bummer as I was on a good run. I cruised to the bottom and got the next lift up. Time to do it again. The wind at the top was now really strong. Standing at the top of Ae, my local track, was probably the most nervous I had ever been for a race run. I got down clean with only a couple of sketchy moments and managed to put in a time good enough for ninth position. A good result, I couldn't complain.

More air time, further up the hill. Photo courtesy of Keith Valentine @

          All in all, my 2012 season has had its ups and downs. I managed to finish 9th overall in the series. I can't wait for next year. Time to get training and hopefully I'll be on the podium next year. Thank you to Orange Bikes, Mark Wilcox, my dad and everyone else who has been a great help this season! 

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