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March 01 2011

The idea of the Privateer advert was to evoke some kind of message, not a blatant plug for any particular model, just a friendly playfulness of imagery. A line that epitomises where we are, and the simplicity reflected in our bikes and ethos…

So how did we get there? What was the process? The shot we used didn’t come from preparation or a staged line down a hill somewhere chosen for the task; it came from riding. In May last year we headed up to the Lake District with Stu Thomson from MTBcut, the aim was to film a section on Nan Bield for the Mojo Trail Diaries series. Basically, the day involved a hike up a rocky Lakeland path to see what tricky rock sections and inspiring lines the riders could hit on regular trial bikes. This is the way things went down:

Never has a word been so overused as feel, but the perfect shot had to opitomise a certain essence, a moment that caught our thoughts and feelings. This day summed everything up for us; it was an opportunity to get out and have fun with mates, to session lines and to push each other. Stu from MTBcut had video to shoot, a serious undertaking to match his last masterpiece. Gavin Hetherington, the man with local knowledge, he got to see his biking heroes in action. Rowan Sorrell and Danny MacAskill, they got to ride together for the first time and use their different styles to the same ends. Most importantly, it was people just riding and shooting for fun, together. Danny’s rock munching depravities, hop, skipping and jumping his way up and down. Rowan’s silky skills before flailing head long over the bars as a hysteric Danny looks on. Banter at its best, this is what being part of the mountain bike scene is all about.

Joe Barnes Orange Bikes Michael Bonney Nan Bield

Playing around with friends, Joe Barnes clearing Orange Bikes' John Chennells

The photo we chose wasn’t a set piece, it was a chance shot by Michael Bonney as Rowan disappeared down the hill picking his unique line. In the film above Danny MacAskill shouts “I’ve no idea where I’m going”, striking a chord about the scene and the direction we’ve always headed, over the edge but never quite sure.

Privateer advert orange mountain Bikes rowan sorrell five

The process to producing an advert isn’t slap-dash, it’s not without thought, and it reflects us as a company. Take the message as you wish, meaning should always remain the prerogative of the reader, but by seeing the day and what it meant to all the riders it should become clear. It’s not always about product, race results or image; it’s about being part of something important to us, the same as everyone else that rides Orange Bikes. The day on Nan Bield was mad, Rowan and Danny racing around, not in the normal competitive sense, just larking around the way mountain bikes were born to play. We are all riding off the edge into the unknown, but ultimately that’s far more exciting than the usual trail centre of life…

Fitting it into Privateer, that’s easy. “Privateer magazine is for mountain bikers who already know the obvious…and are irrevocably hooked” Like the mag, our advert hopes to “remind readers why they first got into mountain bikes..and why they continue to love it”. Life isn’t all about planning what, where and how, it’s about exploring together. We’re still carving our own line, we want you to follow…

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