The Continental team make their debut…

March 21 2012

Anyone who has been involved in the race scene will, at one point or another, have seen or talked to Rob Scullion. Responsible for spreading the Continental word, he gets around the bike shops promoting their wares and heading to races to support privateers and sponsored riders alike. Two years out of the saddle with a shoulder injury, he's back on a bike and heading up the Continental/Orange 'all-mountain' type team. Riding their own custom stickered Alpine 160 builds, they'll be taking part in the Fetish Gravity Enduro series and a few select events as the season progresses.

Rob Scullion Continental Orange Bieks Gravity Enduro Series

Rob's shoulder isn't fully healed, he still needs the forklift...

Joining Rob on the team are Continental colleagues Brodie Gardias and Aled 'Pisgah' Griffiths, both experienced riders and already with a season under their belt, they're hoping to improve on last year's results. Finally, Mike Inman makes the switch from the Continental downhill team to jump on the Gravity Enduro bandwagon. A force to be reckoned with on his 224, it'll be interesting how Mike adapts to the new format.

Orange Bikes Continental Tyres `Gravity Enduro

Dropping into the Gravity Enduro series, everyone's getting excited for the season...

The guys will be riding Alpine 160 frames built with parts from Marzocchi and Nuke Proof, Fox Clothing will be supplying the threads and SIS will be fuelling them up with all their nutritional needs. So with my ramblings out of the way, here's what the guys put together to introduce their new Enduro focused setup.



The guys will already be winging their way to Innerleithen for the first Fetish 2012 UK Gravity Enduro of the season. Go up, get riding and say hello to the boys!

The team would like to thank everyone who's helped them get setup, with particular thanks to;


Continental Tyres

Orange Bikes

Marzocchi Forks

Fox Clothing

Nuke Proof Components

SIS Sports Nutrition


Good luck chaps...


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