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August 06 2010

Setting off on a Monday is always a bad idea, with the usual jobs to get out of the way it was 11am by the time we got moving on preparations. That doesn’t sound too bad you may say, but bearing in mind we were aiming for a 2pm start things weren’t looking good. But with Ben and James on bike prep duties, Dave emptying the van of his rubbish and Jay getting bike photos out of the way in the studio with John, the team were in full swing. Bikes loaded, time to hit the road.

Cwmcarn Orange dealer day

The delights of Newport saw us partying the night away at Frankie and Benny’s, better known for children’s parties, it suited us down to the ground. Interestingly they also served a rare brew, Stella Artois with black bits in the head which were “fine, and nothing to worry about, just a bit of stuff from the pipes”- excellent. Awesome burgers eaten, it was time to head back and dodge the holiday making Americans living it up in travel lodge – nothing like the Newport fringe as an oversees tourist destination.


Cwmcarn demo day




Orange Dealer Day Cwmcarn

Tuesday morning came and with it the weather, pouring rain for most of the morning wasn’t enough to deter six or seven dealers from gearing up from the start, getting their bike onto the trailer and heading to the top of Cwmcarn. Uplifts do bring certain perks, and with a 10km loop down the xc trail, or a blast down the DH track, the 2011 Alpines and Fives were put to good use. Mojo were also on hand to make sure setups allowed riders to go as fast as possible...

Cwmcarn demo day

As the day went on, more and more laps were put in, with Ivor from Red Planet easily racking up the most, good work that man. The boys from Bike It also seemed to enjoy themselves, drawing annoying comparisons between Dave and the manly character Bruno, the yellow and black socks put the finishing touches to the knickname.

David Flynn Orange Mountain Bikes

All in all, Cwmcarn was a top day, and with less expected at Whinlatter we thought the brunt of our work was done. Not so, Whinlatter was even busier and even though dealers had to ride to the top, smiles all round from the Northern massif. Special mention goes to Cycle World, those guys made a long trip down with Joe and Chris doing a good job of leaving there newest member of staff on a Whinlatter hillside after overshooting a corner and knocking himself clean out. Top work boys.

Whinlatter demo day

Joe Barnes and Ben Cathro turned up expectedly mid way through to offer their advice and generally heckle, next time we’re hoping to get them on their bikes, these pros, lazy nowadays…

Whinlatter demo day

A busier day than Cwmcarn so more riding done, and with a van full of festering bikes, things are looking grim for James the demo bike man. Get your bucket out son, it’s time to get a cleaning.

Whinlatter dealer day

The serious side? There wasn’t one, but if you’re reading this and you want to know more about the 2011 range, get to your local dealer now, we’re proud of those selling our brand, and you won’t get better advice than from an Orange dealer. They know their stuff, get in store now and get the low down on what’s going on for 2011. Enjoy the pics, these are some of our Orange experts…

We'd like to thank Paul at Cwmcarn, Darrell at Cmwdown for the uplifts  and Adrian and Sarah at Whinlatter for their help organising the events, both trail centres provided a perfect environment for us to allow our dealers to test bikes with varying terrain and trails. Plus the cafe, coffee and cakes were great at both as well ! We'll be back next year.

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