The pressure is building - Five lead times…

August 24 2010

Orange is proud of being a UK company, manufacturing and assembling bikes like the Five right here in Halifax. When we launch a bike we generally have to establish it in the market and get the message out that a certain bike suits this kind of riding for this kind of rider. The Five has brought with it no such demands, the Five has always been our most popular full-suspension bike, universally identified as a true all-rounder in a world of specialism, people just ‘get it’. Geometry, suspension, features, spec, everything is available to get an off the peg or custom bike tailored to your demands.

BB shell Orange Mountain Bikes CNC

The new Five has taken everything from the old and put it into a new updated package. Using three new frame features and the best parts we can fit into a price point, the Five continues to be a market leader in performance. After the MBR exclusive Five sales have gone mad, and top reviews from Singletrack, Dirt, and MBUK have brought more exposure and demand. So what’s the problem, well, we can’t keep up.

Orange Five Welding Halifax Factory

The Five frame is built here in deepest darkest Calderdale, with frames painted and finished in house. We have a maximum output and at a time when inconsiderate staff demand holidays we’re working flat out to get bikes out of the warehouse and onto the trails. This we can control, but when we don’t have parts we’re in the frustrating position that bikes are ready to roll but with a couple of components missing. Unlike companies assembling oversees we are getting parts sent any way we can, on the sea, in the air or by road. We are constantly pushing suppliers for updates and larger quantities, but items do cause an issue.

Orange Mountain Bikes Welding

At the moment we are struggling with forks from Fox and a selection of Shimano parts to finish off the frames. Five fronts in certain sizes have also been in short supply, and while we implement overtime, we don’t push the guys to weld your new pride and joy with any less care than they would if they had all day. So if your bike’s on order, get in touch with the shop and we’ll keep them as updated as we can on the parts we’re missing and estimated arrival times. We’re constantly trying to reduce lead times, but we are seeing deliveries hitting 3-4 weeks. So for anyone with a bike on order, thanks for your patience, you won’t be disappointed. Anyone thinking of ordering, lead times will come down over the next few weeks, so get it in now and hopefully Autumn will bring with it some dry trails to round off a fantastic (if wet) summer of riding.

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