Cut Media’s Fraser McGlone in his first DH race as an Elite.

April 22 2013

The BDS opener was a wet affair, but being from the North West Highlands, rain and mud is no issue for young Fraser. Here's how the race went down through his eyes:

This was the first race of the year for me and I was so excited to get back to racing, and this would be my first race moving up into the Elite category so I was really excited to see where I would finish up! It had felt like a really long off season, usually I do a couple of winter rounds but I went out to Malaga for a few weeks to get some quality riding time in instead of the winter rounds.  

Eyes on the prize. Fraser gets ready to wind up those heavy legs.

Combe Sydenham is by far the furthest race away for me, so my Dad and I left on the thursday night just to get a head start for the long journey down. It made the drive seem a lot smaller and way more chilled arriving at the pits at a sensible time to get everything set up and walk the track in decent day light! 

It started off with track walk, I was so excited looking at the track and just couldn't wait to get on the 322 for some serious sending! The track was very similar to 2012 which made remembering all my lines pretty simple. 

This rock garden had almost too many lines through it. Fraser plays it safe and fast.

We woke up to heavy rain on Saturday morning, which didn't really bother me because I actually prefer riding in the rain! Only downside is keeping goggles and kit clean which is a nightmare, but the riding is so much fun. I was getting right into it on practice I kept dry tyres on for first practice run to see what they were like, back to the pits after first practice run I threw the spikes straight on because I was all over the place with the dries on! As soon as you put spikes on I just feel invincible, the rest of practice was going well so I stopped a couple hours early so I could get cleaned up and walk the track to scope some extra lines for Sundays race. 

It wouldn't be a race report by Fraser if there wasn't a shot of him doing a turnby off a jump. Airtime!

Race day, woke up nice and sharp to get on the uplift because the uplift took quite a while so in order to get two runs in you had to be there early. I put in two solid practice runs so was looking forward to racing! It felt really weird going up for my seeding run with all the top boys, but it was a really chilled atmosphere having the crack on the way up so it was a cool place to be! My seeding run went fairly average with messing up the top section but still ended up 15th, I was really looking forward to putting the run down that I know I could and then I'd be happy with my performance! I went up for my race run feeling confident and relaxed, I knew if i could get the top section clean that would be a very good start. I went off the start and I nailed the bit that I struggled with in seeding so I was buzzing from that! But then on the next section I slipped on a root and made contact with a tree just before a long flat bit, I jumped back on the pedals and went as hard as I could, I was riding rally well throughout the rest of the track and ended up two seconds quicker than my seeding run with a small off. I finished up in 14th which I was really pleased with considering how my run went, for my first Elite race it was an excellent one to get under my belt and I am really looking forward to proving myself properly and see where I end up! 

Thanks for reading!

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