Fraser McGlone Takes on the World

September 05 2012

Appin's answer to teen sensation Justin Bieber, Fraser McGlone, has had a stormer of a year, highlight of which was 35th on home turf at the Fort William World Cup. His riding this year has shown a far more level head combined with some shocking speed. 2011 might have seemed like a bumpy year, but experience counts very highly when on the start line.

A broken scaphoid suffered as the 2012 calendars were being deployed seemed to have flicked a switch, and a fastest time of the day at the opening round of the Scottish Downhill Association race was a taste of things to come.

All these results would have been studied intently by those selecting the GB Team for the World Championships later in the year.  

Wee Fraser keeping it low and smooth off the fire road at the midway point. Photo courtesy of Victor Lucas.

Being selected to represent your country at the World Champs is the ultimate goal. No other race depends on the seasons' results so much but boils down to a single run. So many tactics, so much pressure. Some people thrive on it, others just don't have the head for it. Luckily, Fraser seemed to thrive on the madness that is the World Champs, and was confident off the back of another top 60 finish at the Val d'Isere World Cup.

Torrential rain was the only major issue through practice, with the course getting fairly beaten up during practice. The sun would eventually emerge and the course was possibly in the best condition it's been in since it's been used on the World Cup circuit. Qualifying would come about very quickly and Fraser slotted neatly into 3rd place once the dust had settled with a time of 3:40.789, a medal was looking very much on the cards going into finals.

Finals day was dry, with some dusty spots appearing. Most riders were avoiding the usual multiple drop section usually used for the World Cup rounds. This section would definitely be faster if ridden clean. Easier said than done! Finals is a tense affair for all involved, and this year was no different. A red flag on course well into the top 30 riders threw everything up in the air with some of the favourites needing to have re-runs. Fraser would take the hotseat with a 3:36.995. His time would be enough for 6th once all riders had made their way down. 

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