Barnes cleans up at the Innerleithen SDA

June 14 2010

A week has passed and as Fort William's World Cup fever finally dies down, the UK contingent refocus and get some racing in before the Euro road-trips begin.

MTBcut team rider Joe Barnes is one of the crew heading out to Europe for a few weeks of riding, racing, and general dirtbag lifestyling. After a days filming for an MBR/Orange Five promo vid, he was back on his big bike with some valuable riding lessons learnt from the Orange staff...we can dream. Joe rode well at the World Cup the previous weekend but seemed disappointed knowing he could have done better on his home track, with the rest of the season in mind he was keen to ride hard at Innerleithen and keep some momentum before rolling onto the ferry for some European DH action.

The track was the usual Innerleithen affair, fast and fun with the odd section designed to punish the overzealous. Riders complained the track was too simple at the top of the hill but the off-camber roots still caught riders out before they hit the dry and dusty midsection. The new section into the gully took some punishment as riders hit the berm as a stopper, blowing it out and exposing roots into the turn. Riders then bucked and bounced there way into the gully before the usual run into the bottom of the hill. Race day brought a smattering of rain but the track was pretty much unaffected as the riders took to the hill.

Joe hit his race run hard, and amidst rumours of a crash, still managed to take a convincing win.

Joe Barnes, MTBcut, Orange Mountain Bikes

MTBcut team mate Ben Cathro had a mixed weekend at the Fort William World Cup, he crashed in qualifying and still got top-twenty, he had a race run disaster losing his chain and a possible podium position but still managed an amazing top-twenty in the finals. A weekend on and Innerleithen was a completely different proposition, tight and twisty but still dry and loose. A few front wheel drifts later and he finished in a respectable fifth place. Transcend Orange rider Chris Hutchens also put in a good effort coming down one place behind Ben.

Ben Cathro MTBcut Orange Mountain Bikes

James Shirley took fifth in seniors, and in the veteran class Alastair Maclennan took third place, with Crawford Carrick Anderson taking a massive win.

Honourable mention also goes to Vaughan Evans (aka the Orange Mountain Bikes paint shop man), he came down with a fifteenth in Masters, not bad from the skinny man.

Vaughan Evans Orange Mountain Bikes

As most of the guys head out to Europe we'll make sure we keep you updated on any results and hopefully some Alpine pictures as they make their way over towards the Mega, Leogang and Champery. 

Thanks to Ian Linton for the photos, check his website for more photo goodness.

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