Joe Barnes vs Larry the Lamb

April 13 2011

Any downhill race is packed with incidents, big stacks, nearly stacked and 'Phew! Didn't stack.' saves. Here's an unusual one that brought MTBCut rider Joe Barnes back to reality during a practice run at the Moelfre round of the Halo BDS.

JOe Barnes vs Larry the Lamb, Moelfre, Halo BDS

Joe Barnes:

"I was riding down the hill minding my own beeswax when a big sheep ran out in front of my wheels. I hauled on the CDs to avoid it and then two more mini ones darted out causing me to panic. A first for me to be avoiding livestock during a National Downhill. The last little blighter just escaped with its life and I just escaped with only a small deposit in the back of my pants. A close shave for all involved and a memorable run down Moelfre DH for me. Run safe mini sheep"

The man on the spot? 'Tog Keith Valentine:

"I had just finished a pear cider and was walking down through the scrub to get to the road gap when I noticed a sheep and two lambs. They came towards the track but turned away. Then they heard the whistle of a marshal as Joe Barnes went past they suddenly changed direction and the mother ran across the track I quickly ran up pulled my camera out and just as the last lamb jumped out managed to snap joe slamming his brakes on full missing the poor thing by millimetres.....classic once in a lifetime shots!"  More of Keith's less sheepish content:

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