National Champs - Ae it was muddy…

July 19 2010

The big-guns rolled into Dumfries this weekend for the National Champs at Ae forest. The grim weather brought challenging conditions so riders had to take big chances to get a good run on the popular track. Steve Peat had a sudden return to form taking a clear win over second place Gee Atherton. MTBcut rider Joe Barnes rode well to seventh place, with Chris Hutchens of Transcend Orange doing well in 13th.

In the Juniors, MTBcut rider Greg Williamson came back from injury to take sixth, and Allan Findlay of Borderline came in 12th. Cathro is still out injured, but with Champery just around the corner, rumour has it he'll be strapping himself back together...

Orange's Michael Bonney went along to catch some snaps on his new camera, but after the Kirroughtree wash out last weekend, he didn't stay for the race - there's only so much expensive camera gear you can afford to destroy each month.

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