Podiums for Orange riders at the Lindao MTB Open in China!

January 15 2013

The sizeable jumps on the dual slalom course at Lindao Ski Resort allowed riders to turn on the style.

Judy, from our Chinese distributor Pyro, has sent us over this report from a very successful race for them at the Lindao Ski Resort:

The TAOKAS Cup Lindao MTB Open Race was hosted by the Linhai Ski Resort, home to the first bike park in China and renowned for it’s enthusiastic staff. The Lindao Open Race saw riders competing in both downhill, cross country and dual slalom, the latter boasting the first professionally-designed slalom course anywhere in China. The dual slalom course saw some impressive jumps and a sizeable wall ride to test even the best of riders. When the dust had settled, Orange Bikes China’s Gong Yan-Quan was the most consistent rider finishing 2nd in the DH and first in the Dual Slalom aboard his 322. Zai Xiangdong from Shangai piloted his 224 to a 4th place in the downhill and 6th in the dual slalom.

For those proficent in Mandarin, here's the original report:


2012年10月14日,中国首家山地车主题公园——大连麟道山地车主题公园内举办此次由“道卡斯自行车”冠名赞助,多方联合推进的“道卡斯”杯麟道山地车公园公开赛。赛事有DH山地速降、DS双人竞技等项目。DS线路作为国内首例专业DS赛道为本次比赛的重头戏。DS赛不仅激烈度非常高而且赛道有连续的大土包,连续的外超高弯墙等超难度设计。经过激烈争夺由中国区orange代理公司赞助的北京选手巩燕泉(Gongyanquan)騎車Orange 322获得DH组第二,DS组第一的好成绩, 上海选手宰向东(Zaixiangdong) 騎乘Orange 224 获得DH 组第四 DS组 第六。

2012 TAOKAS Lindao MTB Open Race started on 13th Oct and lasted all weekend. The race had five events covering all ages and disciplines; the dual slalom, XC elite, the XC youth, open DH and elite DH. There were more than 200 professional athletes in the race and those competing in the dual slalom were the first to ride the new course. Many riders thought they would struggled to finish the race as a result, but under the guidance of the pro riders many took part in the race.

Gong Yan-Quan takes the win in the dual slalom ahead of rainbow stripes. 

The Dual Slalom podium consisted of Gongyanquan in first, Liuningning in second and Huangjun in third. Taking the honours in the XC elite race was Liuningning, followed by Sundayong and Yaolei. The XC youth race was won by Mengbojin, with Jiangbaowen and Liuziqing close behind. The top three of the open DH common category were Fangxundong, Linzhijie and Jiangbaowen, while the DH elite race was won by Sunjian. Gongyanquan on his 322 in second and Huangjun in third.

Gong Yan-Quan took 2nd in the Elite DH race aboard his MTBcut-edition 322. Zai Xiangdong's piloted his 224 GBR to 4th.
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