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February 25 2011

Orange Bikes spend a lot of time around Fort William, racing, riding and having fun. The local track is arguably the home of DH in the UK, with the Nevis Range courses providing the venue for groundbreaking events in DH, 4X, XC and trials. It's also the birthplace of the alternative No Fuss epics, and this is just the mountain bike side of things. The area is home to some of our favourite riders, guys and girls who are out in the hills everyday making the sport tick and pushing the boundaries of where and how trail bikes can be used in the mountains. We only see a snap shot of what goes on up there, the parts we are able to attend, but the scene stretches much beyond mountain bikes, and that comes accross well in MTBcut's latest Sir Jimmy Savile inspired masterpiece.

The video is pure entertainment, Fraser from No Fuss Events sent us the press release and these cracking shots to tell us what it's all about.

Sir Jimmy Savile says “ Choose Your Adventure”

Joe Barnes Jimmy Savile MTBcut Orange Bikes


This latest video “Sir Jimmy Savile:  “Choose Your Adventure”” combines the stunning landscape of The Outdoor Capital with tongue in cheek humour.  What better man to front up the promotion than Sir Jimmy Savile, after all he has been an icon of the barmy and bizarre for more than six decades! DJ, marathon man, Top of the Pops presenter and, most famously, fixer.  Sir Jimmy was delighted to fix it for the Outdoor Capital  team.

Danny Macaskill Jimmy Savile MTBcut Orange Bikes Outdoor Capital

Frazer Coupland; Project Director at the Outdoor Capital and wannabe film director reports,  “It was incredible, we had no shortage of extremely talented sports people to play the part as Sir Jim’s stunt double.” The idea behind the film is that as Sir Jimmy reflects on a lifetime of the fantastic activities and adventures available in the Outdoor Capital. Stunt doubles, dressed in the legendry shell suit and classic cigar demonstrate a range of these skills.

Jimmy Savile MTBcut Orange Bikes Outdoor capital

Coupland went onto state ‘The stunt doubles who became involved are all at the top of their game.  More than anything these guys were up for a laugh!  I feel sure that many will recognise the skills and talents of the likes of Pescod, Anderson and MacAskill (some of them are as famous as Sir Jim himself!) that are on display in the film. They highlight a series of fluid moves on a steep ice face, some awesome early season skiing in a Alpine looking Glencoe, link this together with VW campervans, mountain bike trials riding, some tricky river moves and you have an awesome and hilarious adventure. The film then ends with Sir Jimmy reflecting on his days on Ben Nevis and finally meeting the young pretender.

Danny Macaskill Orange BIkes MTBcut Outdoor Capital Jimmy Savile

For more information on The Outdoor Capital of the UK, please visit www.OutdoorCapital.co.uk

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