Scotch Mist - Round 5 of the Scottish Enduro

October 20 2014

Ignoring the weather warnings, it was going to take more than a bit of dreek to stop the Team Orange boys heading north to the final round of the  POC Scottish Enduro Series...

The Pantling brothers, Toby and Sam swerved Dan Greenwood's offer of a beer on Friday night - to good measure it would appear. 

While you can read full reports of the event else where, here's what the boys had to say...

Toby Pantling - 2nd Masters (14th overall) - Alpine 160

Best Bit: "The bad conditions made for some hilarious fun. Everyone was up against it - in an all-in-it-together kind of way. Great social event with some very challenging tracks but amazing fun."

Worst Bit: "7 1/2 hour drive home, having waited for the podium awards - home at half past midnight, so if that's the worst, not a bad weekend at all"

Dan Greenwood - 4th Masters (18th overall) - Alpine 160

Best Bit: "Stage 4 classic inners decent, fast and flowing until crashing into my mate Jamie (Jebson) cost me a podium. It were still good though"

Worst Bit: "Stage 1, queuing for half an hour getting cold trying to cleanly get past 8 people slipping, sliding and tripodding their way down"

See Dan's Strava

Sam Pantling (90th) - Five

Best Bit: "Amazing atmosphere, great crowd and cameradie, and first time back on the trail bike after a few months of XC and endurance events. Thanks to No Fuss Events and Innerleithen Mountain Bike Club"

Worst Bit: "Cleaning everything down afterwards and having to buy a new washing machine to deal with it. But overall, worth the 20 hour round trip."

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Photos by Ian Linton

Results: Here

Enduro Magazine Report

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