Scottish Champs - Ben and Joe give the rest a go…

July 13 2010

Dunkeld is a scary track, and with any viscous race course comes the problem of over enthusiastic riders - bikes and bodies everywhere, lying in the track waiting for the next careering madman to cause a pileup. It's because of a small but noble band of marshals that races like Dunkeld don't turn into a downhill based massacre of broken bikes and bones. So next time you watch a video and hear the euphoric whistle of a race marshal, take a moment to stop, reflect, and appreciate the essential art of the race marshal - without them none of this would happen. So with all this in mind when many racers are out of action, they take the plunge, put on a village people style high vis jacket and find their favourite camping chair. This time it's MTBcut rider and all around show man Ben Cathro doing the honours, here he is in marshalling/commentating/skid anticipating mode.

As for the racing, it was pretty sketchy all around. Our resident painter and downhill fan Vaughan Evans had a good first run in Masters, coming down in sixth he thought it best to let the rest try their luck for a second, and despite getting bumped down to 11th, he was happy to be alive and intact for the No Fuss Endurance DH in a couple of weeks. His prototype 225 stood up to the beating, it was his fork lowers that took the brunt of his practice run crash damage. 

Transcend Orange rider Chris Hutchens took a few crashes like everyone else, but finishing 3rd made everything better, with Scott Laughland and Fergus Lamb completing the Elite podium.

In Juniors, Borderline/Mountain High rider Allan Findlay took second behind Lewis Buchanan, top work.

Allan Findlay Ian Linton Dunkeld

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