The Dudes of Hazard and some Euro teasing…

August 15 2011


After making six little web episodes of The Dudes of Hazzard last year and having a good time doing it, we decided that making a longer The Movie was the way forward. In a very similar vein to all the episodes but with a bit more time and effort committed to the planning, story line, filming and editing.

Dudes of Hazard Orange Bikes Joe Barnes Fraser McGlone Liam Moynihan

Liam Moynihan, Fraser McGlone and Joe Barnes enjoy the good times, wheeeeeyyy...

We started filming at the beginning of the summer at home in Fort William and then packed The Landship full to the brim and took our efforts on the road. We’ve been trucking it about Europe for the last six weeks racing, filming and having plenty good times and we have another month or so ahead of us.

Without giving too much away The movie will have plenty classic running themes similar to pee with a view and longest skid, along with more riding in more locations and endless hilarity as well.....

Joe Barnes Orange Bikes MTBcut Morgins

MTBcut shredder and Dudes of Hazard hero, Joe Barnes in Morgins...

We should hopefully have her online and ready to watch early October but until then check out the mini teaser! You can keep up to date with our chat and some pictures on Facebook, just search for The Dudes of Hazzard.

Lots of love,

The Baeys.

The Dudes of Hazzard The Movie teaser from Joe Barnes on Vimeo.

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