Ultramontane No. 05 and the complete Dudes…

March 29 2012



The Ultramontane videos are epic. I don't use that word lightly, it's vague and refers to anything from 'rad' dirt jump action to mundane XC mileage or a big wheeled bike from a behemoth American manufacturer. In this instance I'm not going for the dictionary definition either, it is a 'heroic deed' but released in short episodes, there's no Titanic style boredom involved. This is action and art of the highest order, a challenging concept that Connor Macleod and Derek Dix have delivered in all conditions. The best thing? It's not all about the film, Dix complements every edit with a collection of great photography, capturing a story that gives the video more meaning. I really hope people don't just watch the video, fantastic though it is, it's only half the experience. We've particularly enjoyed the concept as riding in winter is something we all do in the UK, we don't have the terrain, but seeing an Orange Five go from Halifax to the slippery rock of South Western BC is complete inspiration. The guys film and shoot this series throughout the winter, this isn't media sat there and waiting to be used, it doesn't get fresher. So watch the video, follow the links, and I hope you enjoy flicking through the edits as much as we did. Spectacular.




The Concept

The Epidoes

Connor Macleod

Derek Dix


Going from one extreme to the other, the Dudes of Hazard have finally released the complete and unabridged movie of last summer's roadtripping. Already released in episodes, it's great to watch it complete and spend half an hour planning where your travels are going to take you this season. MTBcut rider Joe Barnes and friends will continue sharing their adventures as the season gets going. Stay tuned to their FaceBook page to keep up with the antics. The Baeys in full...



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