Rowan Sorrell - Urge Cabo Verde - Episode Three

February 05 2011

If you've been checking the news section regularly you'll already be familiar with Rowan Sorrell's upcoming race in the Urge Cabo Verde invitational event. Rowan's been selected to represent the UK (and Wales) for a small invitational event on the small Islands of Cabo Verde, an archipelago off the west coast of Africa. Following races in Kenya and Nepal, the World's Best are heading off to raise money for organisations that work with kids in areas of sport and education. Riders joining Rowan will include a field of cycling legends including Hans Rey, Nico Vouilloz, Mark Weir, Sabrina Jonnier and Tracey Moseley.

Rowan will be shredding the local volcanoes on his polished Alpine 160 with bouncy bits provided by the guys at Mojo suspension. Part three in his video series shows Rowan slipping in some more winter training between his heavy work schedule. As a trail builder Rowan travels all over the UK designing, creating and maintaining everything from blue run trail centres to pump tracks and dirt jump parks. Getting out in winter invariably includes night riding, so like the rest of us this winter, he's been getting out to play in the snow...

Training over, Rowan heads to the Mojo headquarters to get his Alpine 160 put together. Suspension guru and long time hard riding bike enthusiast Chris Porter gives the low down on his bike customisations. Riding including predominantly technical downhill, Chris and Rowan work on lowering the BB and slackening the headangle to make the bike more stable at speed and easier to handle in the technical sections and roosting around the loose volcanic corners.

Episode three:

Episode two featured Rowan ripping around on his Orange Five, watch it here. If you missed his Rocky style rise to fitness in Episode one, enjoy

Keep an eye on the Mojo Vimeo site for more great vids.

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