Video: Five 29 Cut Loose

December 16 2013

Some people still can't quite get their heads around the idea of a 29inch wheel on a mountain bike. They think that 29inch wheels are for lightweight XC race bikes and not up to the task of taking on hard and technically demanding trails.

We would politely disagree.

To prove our point Stu and Drew from team CutMedia asked for Five 29 frames to test, eager to find out if they could get more speed from a bigger wheel. More used to bikes with smaller wheels, we asked them to build up the Five 29 frames and to ride them as they would their regular Fives and see what they thought. It's fair to say that it didn't take too long to get them up to speed on 29, possibly more speed than ever before. What can we say? 29ers, the proof is in the riding…

For more information on the Five 29 check out the Orange website:

To make up your own mind about 29ers get a demo ride booked through one of our dealers:

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