The Orange Bikes factory, Vital MTB tell the story…

December 12 2011

There's been lots of factory tours over the years and the various interpretations are always interesting to see. The view may be influenced from years in the industry, having seen how the big boys work we're noticably different with heavily injected doses of soul! The engineering plant is traditional and outwardly dirty, lessons have been learnt through blood, sweat and tears. The skills and experience the guys have has been honed since 1988 and although everything is ultimately high-tech, the atmosphere is still one of engineering vigour and effort. These frames aren't just 'made', they're fabricated and laboured upon by real people, Seb Kemp and Grant Robinson catpure the atmosphere wonderfully...



Massive thanks to Seb, Grant and Vital MTB for running our story!

Orange Mountain Bikes


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