World Cup Fever

June 28 2010

While the masses headed to the pub to watch England face Germany, we thought the quiet roads were too good an opportunity to miss. So an early start saw the posse pack up the vans and head North up the A1 to Hamsterley Forest. Average speed cameras were endured, caravans battled past and while the parking attendant tried to decide whether we were a minibus, we were geared up and riding out of the car park.

The Orange party included the usual suspects, Adam the sales rep, Nige and his whips, Jay the plant managing maestro, Ben the warranty man, Dave the midfield floater and the new guys; Jono who rocks everything admin, and James in the demo bike department.

The video tells the rest of the story. Ben made the road sections amusing, Adam won the novelty colour award, Jono rode a bouncy bike again, Jay bedded in his new Alps bike, Dave minced and James officially became the new crash test dummy - flying off every lip and overshooting every landing, and getting away with it all in style. Watch the home video. More Sunday sessions soon.


World Cup Sunday from David Flynn on Vimeo.

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