Think You're a mountain biker prove it with Orange No fuss events

Ride three of the most challenging events this summer to compete for the title of "Britains Best All Round Mountain Biker"!

Orange Mountain Bikes have always loved racing, World Cup DH or traditional XC, we’ve supported and competed in it all. This year the racing vein is still flowing strong, but it’s taken a shift in direction. Gone are the days of sitting at the top of Fort William on a turbo trainer ready for one chance at DH glory, or prepping the XC bike ready for a couple of hours in a world of lycra clad pain. This stuff will always go on, and we love it, but now we’re doing something slightly different. Going away for a weekend, kicking back with mates, downing a couple of beers and having loads of time to ride some of the UK’s best trails. No Fuss events have got the racing blood pumping again, but you no longer have to be an Elite to make the most of it. No Fuss are showing everyone the way, and we’re jumping on their back and enjoying the ride. We’re also looking forward to a very unique series only No Fuss could organise.

Who are no Fuss?

No Fuss is an event organising machine headed by head honcho and form filling aficionado Frazer Coupland. No Fuss organise some of the most innovative, plain talking events where fun is always the priority. These include hardcore triathlons, bonkers river races and pure mountain bike epics on some of Britain’s best trails. Fraser makes sure everything runs like clockwork so you can enjoy the atmosphere, concentrate on having fun, or get your race head on and go for the podium. The mountain bike scene is growing, and with organisers like No Fuss getting involved, it’s set to get a whole lot more exciting.

Visit the No Fuss website

The Events

Orange Mountain Bikes are concentrating on three events from the No Fuss calendar. We’ve chosen them based on variety, and the awesome locations and challenges at each. Individually they’ll be fantastic events, together they form a series to find Britain’s best mountain biker, there’s also a pretty sweet prize…

10 @ Kirroughtree

What? 10 Hr Mountain Bike Marathon

When? July 9 2011

Where? Galloway Forest Park

The 10 at Kirroughtree is the first event in our series. A ten hour assault on some of Scotland’s finest singletrack. Flowing trail centre turns, rock steps and rollers with natural sections which will have you clamoring for the next lap. But pace yourself, don’t be tempted to slay the first few laps when you’ve got ten hours to complete. The concept is perfectively simple, you’ve got to do as many laps as you can in that time – no prizes for the fastest lap, just keep riding. When you do need to stop for a breather, there’ll be plenty going on to entertain. But don’t hang around if you want to prove yourself in the series.


Endurance DH

What? Downhill Endurance Marathon

When? July 23 2011

Where? Downhill Course, FW

The Endurance Downhill is the craziest race on the calender, held on the Fort William World Cup track, sheer attrition of body and mind. A six hour charge down Aonach Mor amidst a throng of other riders, all vying to get the most runs out of their body, bike and the six hour track time. The format is sublimely simple, run to your bike, pedal up to the fireroad to the sixth gondola tower, and charge down the bottom of the track to the gondola station. When the first rider passes go, the six hours start. After that it’s easy, keep running the rocky, technical and insanely fast Fort William World Cup track. This is like a downhill race, but in a No Fuss event the winner will clock up around 16 runs. Hardcore? We reckon so.


Tour De
Ben Nevis

What? The race that took mountain bike back to the mountains.

When? September 24 2011

Where? Ben Nevis

The Tour De Ben Nevis returns better than ever after its introduction last year, a circumnavigation of Britain’s highest mountain, an adrenaline adventure for the hard men of endurance. This isn’t a straightforward saddle-up sprint, but a stage race on some serious trails, technical, fast, sometimes exposed, but always fun.

The Tour De Ben Nevis is a 61km adventure where you need to decide how hard to push it against some of the Highland’s most rugged terrain. To complete the loop you’ll need motivation, tenacity and experience. It’s about reliability, both of you and the bike, it’s not about flash bits or how far you can manual across the car park, it’s mountain biking stripped back and raw. You’ll need to be able to rely on yourself, your bike, be able to deal with technical climbs, long descents and handle yourself around the mountain no matter what. If you’re feeling fresh and you’ve got the energy spare, the timed stages earn you points. The points then calculate your position, and if you’re in it for the series they contribute to your overall score. A race or an individual challenge, the ultimate No Fuss event.


The series

Each event is an opportunity to have fun, an opportunity to set personal goals, challenge your mates, and an opportunity to prove yourself. But for those that do all three events, you guys are the heroes, the kind of people that will go out and ride any type of bike, people that deserve respect. Why are we promoting it? Because it’s the type of event that fits what we’re all about, not downhillers or XC riders, just mountain bikers, pure and simple. It’s not about being a master in one discipline; it’s about enjoying everything that mountain biking has to offer. It’s what makes those all-round riders special, they don’t stand around, they do. No Fuss have put together three events which sort the mountain bikers from the car park posers.

The Prize

For those people needing more incentive than respect, we’ll be giving away a Five frame. The person who wins this is Britain’s best mountain biker, a true chapion of the hills, a victor.

How does it work?

Enter all three events and you’ll automatically be entered into the overall series. You’ll get an individual position at each event along with the ‘normal’ competitors. When the race is over points will be allocated for those taking part in the best mountain biker series. At the end the most cumulative points wins. Pretty simple, you sign up and No Fuss will sort the rest. Are you up for the challenge?