Romeo X-Ray Nine - Behind The Scenes

Words: Sandy Plenty | Photos : Tom Roberts & Sandy Plenty

January 03 2019

Orange really wanted to showcase the RX-9 in all it’s versatile glory. A bike that is capable of  big multi day adventures as well as a fun thrash around the woods. But first we needed to get two riders in one place!

*We are especially greatful to Bob Pooler from Avalanche Aviation, who agreed to adapt his Cessna plane to carry Toby's RX9 and fly him to Shropshire.

Toby lives in Surrey, so he naturally travelled up by plane (I mean how else do you travel when your from the Surrey Alps?), Duffers being slightly more local, he kept it real and took the train. 

Destination, the Shropshire Hills. for an adventure by bike.

Romeo X-Ray Nine - Behind The Scenes

We wanted to document the adventure by way of a short film capturing some of the spirit Orange has embedded in these bikes.

The landing of the plane was shot near Shrewsbury as was the train section. We then headed out into the beautiful Shropshire countryside to film the riding shots.

Once Duffers got into the hills, he used his local knowledge and maps to pinpoint the rendezvous with Tobes. Once they met up the camaraderie soon began, the pair had never met before, but could have easily have been mistaken for old friends.

                                                              Chris Duffner                                                                                                                                Tobias Pantling

                                                                                                 After landing, Toby soon got his RX9 built up, and headed for the hills.

Romeo X-Ray Nine - Behind The Scenes
Romeo X-Ray Nine - Behind The Scenes

Soon enough the duo where thrashing over the hills together, on their way to the over night bothy stop. 

Once they arrived we shot some story pieces, then it was time to remove the bike packing bags and head off to the woods for a good old fashioned thrash about. This meant Toby had a chance to show off his skills (and the bikes capabilities) on some tighter single track whilst Duffers held his own following close behind.

                                                                                                     We really wanted to show just how versatile & capable the RX9 can be. 

Romeo X-Ray Nine - Behind The Scenes

It wasn't long before we were running out of light, so we made a quick dash back to the bothy and the fire was soon made.  Toby was excited to make everyone a well earned brew after a big day out in the hills.

If you’re searching for 'that fun bike', the one that keeps drawing you back for more, then look no further. Whether it be Adventure, commute, gravel, single track, or tarmac, the RX9 can handle it all.

The bike drop bar dreams are made of.

                                                                                                                               Travel by gravel.

Romeo X-Ray Nine - Behind The Scenes
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