Stay Home, Take Care & Ride Bikes (At least, For now)

Words: Orange | Photos: Various

March 25 2020

Stay home but you can ride once a day

It's time to make sure that we all stay safe and look after each other in this tricky time of crisis. At this point as cyclists we have a lucky break in that riding your bike is deemed a safe way to stay fit both physically and mentally.

As a company that is known for building bikes at the hardcore end of the mountain biking world we want to re-iterate that we want you to ride bikes, but in a way that is safe and with as little risk as possible. We're sure you will agree with our whole hearted support what the staff or the NHS are doing for us all right now. Let's not add to their problems. So for now, put the DH rigs away, pull out the XC hardtails and gravels and ride safe and smart by the guidelines..

There are some guidelnes out there that we should all be following, here are just a few. | Singletrack | Britsh CyclingCycling UK | BBC

Ride with your Kids

We all love riding bikes, and loads of kids love it even more than we do. We can make use of this time with our families to participate in group rides with the whole family, young and old if we're all in the same household.

We've got the chance to get out once a day, get some fresh air and have a mini adventure, but make sure you ride safely and on terrain your kids are comfortable on.  


Orange dealers are also keeping their doors open as much as is possible in the current situation. You can see the dealer statuses on our dealer listings. Search for your local dealer to see there status.


As you would expect, we have introduced a range of Social Distancing measures within our offices and workshops to protect our staff, and we expect this to present challenges for us but we will aim to provide our usual high level of customer service. So if you try and call or email us, please bear with us as we will respond to you as soon as we can.


Online Orders: ✔ Running as usual

Bike Builds: ✔ Operating as usual

Frame Repaint Service: ✗ On hold untill further notice.

Office Phone Lines: ✔ Open as usual

Bike Despatch: ✔ Running as usual

Ultimately we all need to stay safe, well and healthy and let's all look out for each other - and if riding bikes can be part of that, it's good for everyone.

Don't be a weapon choose wisely

We've often probably said "Choose your weapon" when describing different models of our bikes - for now we want to lay that rhetoric aside. But maybe now is the time to put those aggressive enduro and DH bikes to the back of the shed so you aren't tempted to do anything silly.

The thrills will be back and we will love them all the more, for now riding our bikes is about finding peace and calm and a little bit of solace and reflection. And trust us, that works as well as any crazy bad-ass decent. It's just different. Different, right now is good. 

So by choose wisely we mean ride in sensible places, ride safe and ride alone or in a small group with members of your family. Stay safe and stay healthy in every sense of the word.

Photos: Dan Trent, Sim Mainey, Andy Lloyd

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