Accidental Damage Offer

In cases where a genuine accident has caused a frame and/or rigid fork to be damaged beyond repair, Orange Mountain Bikes Limited would like to make this offer in recognition of your support.

Depending on the age of the bike, we will replace the frame/forks with the same, or nearest equivalent, at a reduced cost of the retail price at the date of claim on the following scale:

  • In years 1, replacement cost will be 50% of retail price.
  • In year 2 and 3, replacement cost will be 75% of retail price.
  • In years 3 and over, any discount will be at the discretion of
    Orange Mountain Bikes Limited.

This offer is a gesture of goodwill towards our customer and the final decision as to whether the frame/fork has suffered genuine accidental damage lies with the Orange engineers.

The owner will be responsible for the cost of carriage in returning the frame/forks to Orange in suitable packaging. The owner will also be responsible for any labour costs involved in transferring existing components to the replacement frame and the cost of any additional components required. This offer will apply directly with the Orange factory and the original owner and is not transferable. The owner must contact the Warranty Department at Orange in Halifax if they wish to accept this offer. Orange reserve the right to withdraw this offer, or change the level of support without prior notice.