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What are the recommended torque settings for various bolts on my Orange Bike?

Torque setting are important and we recommend that you use a good quality torque wrench when assembling and maintaining your bike. Torques setting for components be in the component manufacturer documentation (printed or online). Often, the values are printed on the components themselves.

Here’s a useful table of torque settings for your Orange suspension frame:

Bolt / Thread Torque Settings Models
Shock bolts 13Nm All models
Bearing end cap 14Nm + Loctite 243 Most models 2014 on
Horiz-Hold Bearing clamp bolts 14Nm Most models pre 2014
Horiz-Hold end caps 8Nm + Loctite 243 Most models pre 2014
Rear axle bolts 16Nm 222, 223, 224, 322, 324, 327, 329
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