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What is a Direct Mount Derailleur (DRD) Hanger?

A Direct Mount Derailleur, or DRD, is Shimano's attempt to create a stronger frame to derailleur interface helping to provide more precise shifting. The hanger takes the place of the upper link of a conventional rear derailleur, connecting the frame to the upper pivot of a DRD specific mech and eliminating the weakest part of the system.

This technology only works with specific Shimano DRD rear derailleurs, it will not work with traditional rear derailleurs and there is no SRAM equivalent.

DRD hangers are available for:
2014 Five, Five 29 and Alpine 160 frames.
2013 Five (Maxle), Gyro, Alpine 160, Patriot, 224-evo and 322 frames.

You can buy them as a spare part here.

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