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What is the correct depth to insert my dropper seatpost?

Dropper seatposts have become the common standard with modern mountain bikes and it is important that you choose a seatpost with the suitable overall length and ‘drop’ to fit your bike  frame in combination with the rider‘s size and desired maximum seat height.It is very important that you allow for the correct amount of seatpost insertion into your frame.

The amount of seatpost inserted into the seat tube should not be confused with the “minimum Insertion” marking on the seatpost - This mark is for the seatpost manufacturer’s tolerance for the post itself and not specific for the frame in which it is to be inserted. To maintain the integrity of your frame we recommend a mimimum insertion of 150mm of seat post.

This set-up often means the dropper post’s collar is very close to the seat clamp on the frame. This is the correct set-up. Do not run a dropper seat post with a large amount of the lower insertion length visible to do so, you risk serious damage to your frame. An incorrectly inserted dropper seatpost will invalidate your warranty.

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