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I've damaged my frame in an accident, can I get it repaired?

After a serious accident the frame should be checked for any indication of stress or potential failure. This may include cracks, deformation, corrosion, paint peeling, dents or any other marks consistent with the trauma of a severe impact.

If a problem is identified and you feel that it may be repairable, e-mail a picture to us. We will then contact you with our recommendation and an estimate for any work which we could potentially carry out. Due to the process of heat treatment, any frame repaired which is over three years old may not retain its original strength, so in most cases we recommend the frame be replaced.

In the event that the damage is irreparable, or that the cost would be too dramatic to justify, we refer you to the accidental damage section of your warranty card. To the original owner, and with proof of purchase supplied, we offer a discount for replacement frames damaged in a crash. This discount is a gesture of goodwill and dependant on the conditions set out on the warranty card. If a replacement is provided, be more careful where you’re riding!!

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