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What size frame do I need?

Getting the right size bike is perhaps the most important decision once you have decided which model suits you best.

Traditionally bikes have been sized on the height of the seat-tube, but more recently, things have moved on. 

Top tubes are lower and often seat-tubes are shorter, to allow for dropper seat-posts and improved standover.

Modern geometry means that top-tubes are longer and stems shorter too. As well as the sizing guidelines on the Geometry & Sizing section for each of our bikes, we also provide reach and stack measurements to help you in deciding which size frame will be right for you.

We reccomend that you make use of the expert advice of our dealers. Every rider has different needs depending on their height, shape, and what style of riding they intend to do. Our dealers can provide you with the information you need and make sure you get the fit which is perfect for you. If you are still in doubt, arrange a test ride.

Each bike shows where you can find a demo model and our dealer page lists the demo bikes each store holds in stock. We also attend many demo days throughout the year and you can find a listing of them here. If there isn’t a store with the specific bike you need, any Orange dealer has access to a central fleet they may book on your behalf. These bikes must be pre-booked by your dealer, so make sure you plan ahead.


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